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DNC stands as a leading professional accounting firm in the UAE, offering exceptional auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting services throughout the region.

At DNC, our commitment is to deliver comprehensive accounting services, deeply understanding your business needs and long-term goals to provide tailor-made solutions addressing all your business requirements. Our diverse range of accounting services in the UAE includes Account Reconciliation, Updating of Backlog Accounts, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, and more, aimed at enhancing the productivity of your business operations.

Methods of Financial Accounting

In the realm of accounting methods, industries adopt practices to account for income and expenses. There are two officially recognized accounting methods: Accrual Accounting and Cash Accounting.

Accrual Accounting: This method records revenues and expenses when incurred, regardless of when the actual cash transactions take place. It requires businesses to make reasonable estimates, including provisions for bad debt expenses.

Cash Accounting: This straightforward method records all revenues and expenditures when actual cash transactions occur. It is suitable for small or new businesses operating on a cash basis or without maintaining inventories.

Accounting extends beyond mere transaction recording or bookkeeping. Explore the various branches where we provide expertise:

Forensic Accounting: Handling court cases, fraud investigations, claims, dispute resolution, and legal matters.

Auditing: External and internal auditing to examine financial records, business practices, and risks.

Financial Accounting: Recording and classifying business transactions, preparing financial statements for internal and external use.

Cost Accounting: Analyzing manufacturing costs to assist in decision-making regarding business operations.

Fiduciary Accounting: Managing accounts administered by a person overseeing property for the benefit of another.

Accounting Information Systems: Developing, implementing, and supervising accounting procedures and systems.

Tax Accounting: Planning, preparing tax returns, advisory services, and addressing tax-related issues.

Management Accounting: Focused on meeting the needs of management through financial analysis, budgeting, and evaluation of business decisions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services in UAE

Adhering to the UAE Commercial Company law, DNC ensures proper maintenance of books for at least five years. Our outsourcing services offer numerous benefits:

  • Focus on core business activities.
  • Utilization of advanced technologies and software.
  • Expert supervision of accounting transactions and report preparation.
  • Enhanced business efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of financial records.
  • Cost-effectiveness with professional services at a low cost and on-call availability.
  • Highly experienced professionals with a wide market portfolio.

Outsourcing accounting services for startups is a cost-effective and efficient process, enabling focus on core business activities. DNC provides expertise to avoid in-house errors, ensuring accurate budgeting, informed decision-making, healthy cash flow, regulatory compliance, and overall financial discipline.